Woman With Cancer Surprised By Her Marine Son

Cancer is one of the worst battles a human could possibly fight.

Most of cancer patients loose hope quickly, seeing as cancer is a very tough battle and many don’t make it. But the presence and the support of the people in their lives, makes it slightly more comfortable for cancer patients to cope with it.

Mary Glasure is a woman who was diagnosed with cancer was at the hospital waiting for her chemotherapy teaching appointment. A male nurse walked in, and told her to hurry up as he had a lunch appointment he needed to attend.

This, obviously left the woman baffled, she asked where his bedside manners were. And in that moment, the male nurse pulled down his mask. The woman immediately started crying and got up to hug the nurse.

The man disguised as a nurse was her son, Marine Cpl. Corey Hoffmaster, whom she hasn’t seen for almost 2 years.




Although Mary had a long road ahead her cancer journey, the surprise of her son surely made it a lot more joyful.

Upon being asked by his mother why he had returned, without any hesitation, Corry responded with ” Because I had to “.






What this marine did to surprise his sick mother was so incredibly sweet. He knew that this is the time his mother needed him the most, so he went back home. And that is absolutely the best decision he has ever made in his life.

We’re hoping Mary gets better soon, with the support of her family and her son, she sure is going to feel a lot better.


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