Woman with bionic arm was refused to charge it at a convention, people thought it was a costume.

On today’s day, we couldn’t even imagine life without our phone, but the worst thing about them is that they run out of battery so fast. We are so addicted to them to the point where we run to the nearest possible outlet whenever we can the moment we receive the ‘battery low’ warning, just so we can recharge it and continue to overuse them. The same warning that actress Angel Giuffria received as she was attending the SXSW Conference in Texas.

But in Angel’s case, it was not her smartphone, it was her bionic arm. You may know her for her role in “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1”, she is known as the “bionic actress” but what you may not know is that Angel was born with only one arm, she received a robotic arm at only 4 months of age.
A good thing is that Angel is not bothered by the prosthetic, she’s proud of it, and she admits that she loves being called a cyborg and that doesn’t consider her arm as a disability, rather an enhancement.
But on the other side, the arm does need power in order to operate properly.

As Angel was attending the SXSW Conference, her arm ran out of power. She didn’t consider it a problem hence the convention had many charging outlets for people who wanted to charge their phones, but she was wrong. The charging stations were full and she had to ask someone to do her a favor by unpluging their phone so she can charge her arm and they refused.

“I pulled my charger out of my purse to walk over to the wall outlet,” Angel said to Chron. “Another person walked up at the same time that I did to plug in their phone, which is fine.

“I wasn’t sure how many outlets were there, so I asked if there was room for me to charge my arm and they said no, and directed me to the back of the room,” she added. “They could’ve thought my arm was a prop.”

The actress shared her story on Twitter, she was not frustrated by her encounters, she actually found it funny. They didn’t even believe her arm was real.

Source: Angel Giuffra

“Y’all, I’m not mad at them!” she posted on Twitter. “I thought it was funny (because there was another plug nearby.) For all I know, they were confused by the entire situation since everyone here at #SXSW seems to think my arm is a video game fashion statement or fancy lit up glove, not a prosthesis.” read one of her tweets.

“People’s phones are incredibly important to them these days and I thought this emphasized that”

Luckily, she managed to find an outlet in the back and she charged her arm so it could operate properly again, and she thought these encounters were really funny.

Source: Angel Giuffra

She did also manage to get attention for bionic limbs and her tweets received a lot of attention as well, she as even trending on Twitter with the hashtag #CyborgProblems

Some responses were
“I’m sorry there are inconsiderate people like that out in the world. Your attitude about it is admirable,”

“It never crossed my mind that newer prosthetics required a recharge until this post. I’m amazed and jealous of your sweet arm. Glad you found a free outlet!”

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