Strangers Defend Foster Girl As She Is Being Mistreated At A Restaurant

Strangers at a restaurant were tested as to how they would react when they saw a child being ‘left behind’ by her mother just because she is a foster kid.

Just because this was a test it doesn’t mean people don’t actually mistreat their foster children in real life. There have been countless reports that explain how foster children don’t usually have the best of lives in the homes they are sent to.


Recently, at a restaurant there was a camera crew and actors posing as a mother, her son and her foster daughter. They sat at a table near complete strangers and the mother acted like she was giving her son attention, but treated her foster daughter badly.

In the first attempt, they sat near a man, the woman got her son ice cream, and didn’t get the girl anything. So when she asked why she wasn’t allowed to get ice cream, she simply responded that she wasn’t going to spend any money on her because she was the foster kid. The girl got sad and went to the bathroom, the woman proceeded to tell her son that if they keep doing this she would save enough money to buy him an iPad.

The man heard what she said and told her that she was wrong for doing this. He then told her that the money the government gives her for fostering a child is meant to be spent on that child.

She then told him that she was fostering the girl only so she can collect enough money to take care of her biological children. The man frowned but walked away.




In the second case, the family were sitting at the counter and the woman behind them overheard the conversation. And as soon as the mother walked away, the woman told the waitress to let the little girl order whatever she liked and that she would pay for it.

When the waitress told the girl what the woman said, she rushed to her and hugged her.




In the third attempt, they sat near a man and his daughter.

The woman was talking about how she wanted to spend the money on her kids but not on the girl, and this is when the man stood up and offered to buy the little girl anything she wanted and told the woman that she shouldn’t be reminding the girl that she is a foster child and he even gave the girl money and told her to get anything she wanted.




Obviously, these people had no idea that their reactions were being filmed, so when they left the restaurant, the cameras approached them.

The first man said that when he saw the woman’s actions he had to tell her that she was wrong but waited for the little girl to leave so she wouldn’t be embarased, then he approached the mother.

The second woman told that she had foster siblings as a child but her mother didn’t treat them differently.

The third man felt very bad for the girl, he wanted her to know that she deserves to be treated equally.


This shows that there are still good people who wouldn’t let something like this just pass by. But unfortunately, there are also people who would.

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