Reality Show Star Beats Cancer 7 Times

Katrina Leeder is a mom of twins and is the star of Airlirline – the ITV hit reality show.

In an interview on This Morning with Emma Willis and Rylan Clark-Neal she says that she lives for her daughters Clarissa and Freya, since she has split from her husband.

“I’m OK, so on Airline you see me having cancer number two, I’ve had it seven times now”


“I left easyJet, I actually left and had cancer again but I didn’t tell anybody, I kept it very quiet. I lived a bit of a private life and then unfortunately over all those year’s I’ve had it seven times and lost seven organs. But I’m still here. So I live each day, every day is very precious for me, very important. I live each day as it comes and grasp what I can. Every day I’m here I bless those two girls and I’ve got more time with them. I literally live for them.” – says Katrina in the interview.




She had been diagnosed with cancer when she was only 16. Her second battle with cancer was shown publicly during the second Airline season. And after that, she has had most of her liver removed, alongside with half of her stomach, part of her lung, spleen and diaphragm and an entire kidney and her gallbladder.




Although this woman lost such big parts of her body to cancer, she didn’t give up – instead she survived. And she is an inspiration.

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