Stop Shoveling Snow – Man Shares A Brilliant Way To Remove Snow Without Your Shovel

Most magicians perform tricks that mystify us and boggle our minds. So, it’s shocking to believe that a magician can offer us methods we can practically apply in our lives.
Magician Joshua Jordan came up with a brilliant way to remove snow from a driveway or yard.
And the best part is, it doesn’t require a shovel. And we all know that shoveling is the absolute worst part of snow removal. The only thing you need is a strong back because there will be a lot of bending over.

But this little snow removal hack could come in real handy if you live in an area that gets hit hard by snow.
>He then proceeds to roll the snowball in such a way that it lifts the snow up from off the ground.
The snowball then, well, snowballs into a larger snowball and picks up even more snow. He just keeps rolling the snow until it becomes a perfect snow roll.

He just keeps rolling the snow until it becomes this massive piece of snow roll with a path that runs across the entire lawn. It’s actually a pretty clever idea.
This could save a lot of people from pulling their backs out in winter from all that heavy lifting.

It looks like it also saves a lot of time. According to Joshua, you can’t use just any kind of slow. That light and fluffy stuff just won’t do.

It is what Joshua calls, “Lifehack, West Virginia style.” Apparently, this method works super well because the video ended up going viral and has more than 7 million views.

“I will be trying this in Philadelphia Pa beings space is limited and nowhere to toss it,” said one YouTuber user.

You can see Joshua’s full technique by watching the video below.

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