Man Tries To Steal Her Vehicle, She Fights Him Until She Blacks Out

When people think of ‘older’ people, the consider them weak and fragile. But just because someone has come at a certain age that we consider ‘old’ does not mean they are entirely powerless.

Lorie Crouch is a 56-year-old woman who was in a car driving with her mother and her grandson. Just as they pulled up at a hospital in Beech Grove, Indiana, when a man tried to steal her car just as she opened the door to try and help her mother who was in a wheelchair, get out of the car.

He said that he was taking the car and everything in it. The mother was just outside the car as he got in and put it in reverse – thus hitting the older woman.






Lorie got so mad at the man, she started punching him with all o her strength. He couldn’t steer the vehicle as she was hitting him but also trying to grab the wheel – this made the man crash the vehicle just a few minutes after he got in.

Even after the crash, Lorie continued to punch the man and even tried to pull him out of the truck.







Next thing she remembers, she woke up in the hospital with a cut on her forehead, a broken foot and wrist. She had blacked out. The first thing she asked for when she woke up was if her mother was okay. And luckily, she was.

They told her that the man couldn’t get away with her truck even after she blacked out. Her grandson, who was a wrestler, held him down until the police arrived.








Lorie considers her grandson her hero.

This woman, although petite in size,  did everything she could to protect her family, and this just goes without saying – she is the prime example of a fighter and we see where her grandson got his strength from.


The man who tried to steal the truck is currently facing charges and is most likely to spend several months in prison.


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