Holocaust Survivor’s Lifelong Dream is Fulfilled at 94-years of Age

We all know millions of people have died during the Holocaust, what we may not know is the fact that there are still alive people who survived it.

One of them being Samuel Heider, a 93-year-old who when the World War II started, was just about to have his bar mitzvah ( a jewish rite of passage )

Young Samuel and his family were among those who were captured, and unfortunately they were sent to different concentration camps. Unfortunately, he lost his family which included his siblings and his parents, but luckily he survived.

The only thing that kept Samuel alive at that time was the memory of his family that had tragically died. But he managed to get his life together after his release from the camp. He moved to the United Stated where he got married and had children.

A lot of years later, since Samuel wasn’t able to have his bar mitzvah when he was a teenager, his daughter decided to help her father fulfill his dream.

His 94th birthday was approaching and his daughter told him that she was throwing him a birthday party. But when he showed up, he realised she had surprised him with a bar mitzvah.

Although he missed his parents and siblings, this day was very emotional for Samuel. But he was very happy that he got to fulfill his rite of passage.

In the pictures below, you can see Samuel celebrating with his family as his lifelong dream was being fulfilled.

What this daughter did for her father was as amazing as it was emotional.

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