Help little Tathastu win battle against blood cancer

When little Tathastu was 4 he was a healthy child, he had just started school. He was such an enthusiastic child that when he began feeling tired and his willingness to eat dropped, he began getting silent and less enthusiastic as days wet by. In just a week after the symptoms, his father Mahesh noticed that Tathastu’s face was swollen, and the swelling didn’t go away until the evening. Then his parents decided to take him to the doctor.

And although they knew something wasn’t right, because a kid’s face doesn’t swell without an explanation, they had no idea it would be a serious disease.

Tathastu has been diagnosed with blood cancer in August. Since then, he has headaches and seizures that if left untreated can cause blindness. He isn’t getting any better, he needs medicines that can weaken the seizures.


Since they started the battle with cancer, the family’s money has been all used up

Mahesh works in a warehouse where he gets minimum income, and Tathastu’s mother, Sonia used to work as a caretaker at a hospital, but she quit to take care of her son when he got sick, since he can’t be left alone.

The family lives only on Mahesh’s income for 8 months now, and it’s difficult for them to take care of daily expenses AND Tathastu’s treatments. They’ve already borrowed money from friends and relatives, Mahesh even took a loan from his job. But the money is all been used up by now.

Tathastu has to be admitted to the ICU very often, and the doctors have told the family that their little boy can only be kept alive with chemotherapy, but they can’t afford it now due to their financial status. is a fundraising site in India, it raises funds for cases similar to Tathastu’s.

Below you can find a scan of the document that is used as supporting document in the charity.


If you want to help Tathastu’s family raise enough money to save their son’s life, click on this link to view the fundraiser and donate money for the chemotherapy treatments.