“Halo brows” are a trend now

Back in the day, there were thick and thin brows – and that was it. Now there are so many eyebrow trends popping up everyday, we can’t even keep up with them.

We all know the wavy brows, braided brows, brows with designs and so many more were a huge makeup trend just some months ago, well now there is a new trend.

Halo brows.



Hannah Lyne is a 16-year-old beauty blogger who came up with the latest eyebrow trend the halo brows.

“I was having a conversation with a friend trying to come up with a new idea for a look, and all of a sudden it came to me that I should connect my brow tails. This look was influenced by fishtail brows, seeing the way my brow flicked upwards inspired the idea of just carrying the brow on until it met in the middle” – says Hannah for PopSugar.

To us, it looks like a reverse unibrow, but kudos to Hannah for her creativity.

This, however is not the only time Hannah has done something creative with her brows. Check out some of her brow pictures below: