Carer caught on camera abusing dementia patient

Everyone has their job, and they are expected to do it properly. Everyone’s job is difficult at times, but this does not mean they should stop doing it. With being a carer comes the responsibility to never neglect the person you are caring for, especially with someone who is sick.


Yahoo News reports that the Marsden family had their suspicious on the carer who was taking care of the mother, who was diagnosed with dementia. They thought she wasn’t doing enough and that she wasn’t trustworthy. So they decided to set up a hidden camera, with which they confirmed their suspicions.

Not only did the carer Stacey George (46) verbally abuse the elder woman she was taking care of, Sabina Marsden (78), she was also caught in the camera hitting her.

The camera footage, that was sent to Sabina’s daughter showed the carer taking Sabina’s blanket and hissing “God you stink”, while leaving her poor mother half naked and crying. But that was not all, in the footage, you can hear the lady saying “Mamma Mia” as the carer hits her several times.

Sabina’s daughter, Gina Owen (46) was at work when she saw the horrifying things on the camera that she had set in her mother’s home. She was absolutely outraged and rushed home from work to comfort her crying mother. She can be seen in the footage telling the carer to get out of the house. The carer finishes her snack and picks up her bag and leaves the house.

The footage was sent to the local police, the carer admitted to the assault on June 13th of last year, and she was let off with just a warning.

The Marsden family decided to release the tape to the public in order to prevent this from happening to anyone else since Stacey George is still working as a carer. The video is available on YouTube. See it down below.

What were your thoughts, do you agree with Stacy being let off with just a warning, or do you think she should never work as a carer again? Share your thoughts in the comments And don’t forget to share this post with people who should be careful with choosing their carers.