April fools prank gone wrong after 19-year-old tells his girlfriend he cheated

April fools pranks are usually something fun and harmless, unless they involve fires, and believe me, they sometimes do. But this is not that kind of a prank. Some could argue its even worse.


19-year-old boy from Maryland decided to prank his girlfriend by saying that he kissed another girl, but the prank escalated VERY quickly.





“I was just trying to do a regular April fool’s prank and it backfired. She said she was at a party the night before and got drunk and apparently slept with some guy and her best friend slept with some guy too in the same room so I think that was their intentions.

Made me feel like complete s**t. I’m questioning if I even wanna be in a relationship anymore now, and we have separated and have not spoken since. At this point there is nothing left to say.

No she hasn’t said anything , But i think she is probably mad at all the attention she would be getting if people knew who she was.” – said 19-year-old Jordan ( a.k.a Rodney )


See the text message thread below.

Upon being asked to “prove” her infidelity, she then sends him a screenshot of a text that she sent her best friend.



Jordan posted the screenshots on his Twitter feed, and they went viral quick.

Majority of users retweeted how fun the last word “LMAOOO” was. to which Jordan responded “When I sent “LMAOO” I was hurt yes I was but I didn’t want her to know that, so I sent that and blocked her after.”


If this wasn’t an April fools day gone wrong we don’t know what is, BUT, silver lining – if he never tried it maybe he would never know he got cheated on and still be with the person who cheated on him.

What do you think of the story, do you think he was better off not knowing, or was this a good thing after all? Let us know in the comments below.

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