9-year-old guardian angel saves neighbor from his ca

Usually, children are considered to be the ones who need protecton and they need to be saved. But in some cases, they are the one who are doing the saving. Like in this one, where a 9-year-old saves his neighbors life by answering a call.

A man by the name Allen Clemmons was fixing his car in his own backyard, he was under his convertible Mustang that had only been supported by a jack and some blocks. Unexcpectedly, the car started to slide off the little supports it had, and fell on top of Clemmons.


He said “I was having a really hard time breathing with it on top of me.” He was on his side and the weight of the car did not only make it hard for him to breathe but he was very unlikely able to call for help. But he tried although his family wasn’t nearby and the neighbor’s houses were too far away.
Allen remained under the car for more than an hour, he said he asked God to help him to give him one more holler and send an angel his way.
And he was in luck, his prayer was answered by a young boy named Malachi.
He was in his aunt’s backyard when he heard Allen’s last call for help. He ran to Allen’s yard where he found him under the car.
“He was saying something like he was stuck but I didn’t know what he meant,” stated the young boy.
Malachi then took the jack that was near the car and pumped it until the car was lifted enough for Allen to move again. After he lifted the car he then ran to his aunt’s house to get help. Allan was then taken to the hospital with 6 cracked ribs and a broken pelvis.


I don’t think I would have survived another 30 minutes. It was getting really hard to breathe.” states Allan who is lucky to be alive as he was praising Malachi whom he considered his guardian angel.

It’s not everyday that we see such amazing gestures, luckily, Malachi’s uncle had taught him hoe to use a jack and he saved a life.

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