5 years after being hospital-room-neighbors, they fall in love at the very same place.

You should never give up on love, as fate has interesting ways to bring it to you.

The saying has never been more relatable for now-couple Collin Kobelja and Taylor Givens, who met at the hospital 5 years after they both urgently needed heart transplants.


Collin Kobelja was born with a bad heart and had had a transplant at a very young age. He realized the heart was failing and he was in desperate need for a second heart transplant.





In the same hospital, actually in the room next to Collins, was a girl with a similar trouble, Taylor Givens.

Taylor, had suffered from anxiety which later resulted in troubled breathing and heart palpitations. She then later caught a cold and her heart enlarged. The doctors gave her and her family only 7 days to find a donor in order for her to be saved. Luckily, they found one on the sixth day.



Even though the now pair did not meet while they were at the hospital, their families did. They actually became very close since their children had similar sicknesses. They actually suggested that they connect, but Collin wasn’t interested at that time. They did, however follow each other on social media.


In 2016, on the 5th year anniversary of his heart transplant, Collin went to the hospital. At the same time, Taylor was there too but this time it wasn’t a heart-related issue but she was taking her tonsils out. They met that day for the first time. And since then, they haven’t left each other’s side.

“Collin left the room and my mom was like, ‘He was flirting with you.’ We have been emotionally inseparable since.” – says Taylor.



They began dating but soon received very bad news. Taylor was diagnosed with cancer, that doctors said was probably a result of her body reacted negatively to her heart transplant.

“Collin took me to every infusion,” Taylor said. “When I was sick and throwing up until to 2 in the morning he was sitting up with me.” – explains Taylor.



Luckily, her cancer is now in remission and the pair are planning a wedding.



This love story is so touching, they decided to share it to show others how fate works in mysterious ways.

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