3-years-old Has A Mermaid Babysitter and It Can’t Get Any Cuter

It’s always nice to do something extra for a kid you’re babysitting.

Pink haired Keegan Carnahan from Florida often babysits Alidy Haslam when her mom is out. Most of the time she just looks after the little girl, but one night she decided she would surprise her.

She knew that little Alidy is very fond of mermaids, she even had a mermaid outfit that she adored. So Keegan decided to wear her own little mermaid outfit around the house while she was looking out for her. They even filled the bathtub and put their tails in there.

The teenager took photos of their activities and she didn’t only put them on her Twitter page, where she captioned with “what are you up to” but she also sent them to her friends and Alidy’s mom, Jenna.



When the mom saw the picture she was absolutely amazed. Alidy’s dad had recently died and since then she hasn’t been the happiest. She also loves her mermaid costume but she never had anyone to match with her and her babysitter made her day very special.

When asked, the 15-year-old told them that she had bought the mermaid tail when she was 12 as she was going through a phase.

Alidy’s mom was very thrilled by the babysitter’s gesture, she even said that Alidy thinks that Keegan is a real life mermaid and since she has pink hair, Alidy wants hers to be pink as well.


Since Keegan posted photos of her mermaid adventures on Twitter, she has constantly been getting nice comments from people who say she might be the best babysitter ever.


Isn’t this an amazing thing to do while babysitting a 3-year-old, istead of just looking out for her waiting for her mother to get back. Keegan sure deserves the ‘best babysitter’ award. Share this post if you think so as well.