28 year old American Idol contestant saves sister’s baby from the foster system

Everyone feels guilty for a thing or two they’ve done in life. They may not always show it, but the things eat them up inside.

Marcio Donaldson is a 28 year old who entered American Idol last season, but did not make it past the second round. This week, he returned but as an entirely different guy. In the program, they revealed that Marcio did some things since the time he left the show, and those actions changed his life.

He has had many challenges in his lifetime. The conditions he grew up in were not so good, he was raised in a place where crime was not that uncommon. Marcio’s mother did everything she could to ensure his and his sister’s normal life, but she struggled everyday and they ended in foster care.
As an escape from his life, Marcio had his music, his dream was for his voice to take him far away from his violent surroundings.

Last year, the grown up Marcio applied to American Idol, but did not make it very far. Upon his arrival home, he was told that his sister who was fighting her drug problem was pregnant. After the baby was born, Marcio decided to side with the autorities when they came to check for the baby’s safety.

“They came to me, they told me I only had 10 minutes to decide or he goes into the system,” stated Marco.
But he himself was in the foster system, he knows how it is, so he declined.
“So I said, ‘No thank you, I’ll take him.’ I took that responsibility on because I didn’t want him growing up the same way I grew up. I want to do this for him.”
With this statement, without any further realisation, Marcio had become a father.
“I had no idea what I was doing, but actually he’s a real gift. And it was the right decision, I know. He’s changed my life.” he said, calling this decision life saving.

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“I want to give him a better life,” Marcio said, as he started to sing for the second time he returned to American Idol. This time he didn’t sing for himself, but for his 6 month old nephew that is now his son.
The audience and the judges burst into tears.

After six months, Marcio was handed a golden ticket to the competition and he couldn’t hold back his tears. He went home with the hope of a better future.
Below you can see Marcio’s American Idol clip.

All the things that made Marcio suffer in his past did not stop him from taking care of his sister’s son. And although he is so young and has many worries in life, he stil manages to give hope and encourage others.

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